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The Arizona Articles of Formation are a set of forms set up and required by the state of Arizona to form a corporation be it for profit, non-profit, partnerships, or limited liabilities. Two or more Arizona State entities may be involved in this process depending upon a variety of factors: The Secretary of State and the Arizona Corporation Commission. In addition, the Internal Revenue Service will also have a separate set of procedures which an entity must adhere to in order to adhere to tax regulations and requirements. All Articles of Incorporation submitted must be filed by paper attached with the filing fee which ranges (depending on the filing type) from $40 to $175. These Adobe PDF's may be filled out on a computer then printed on a laser printer or printed then typed.

Arizona Application for Authority to Transact Business or Conduct Affairs in Arizona | Form C018

Arizona Application for Authority to Transact Business or Conduct Affairs in Arizona | Form C018

The Arizona Application for Authority to Transact Business or Conduct Affairs in Arizona Form C018 is a mandatory filing for any out of state entity wishing to conduct business as any type of corporation within the State of Arizona. This sizeable list includes such entities as for-profit corporations, nonprofit corporations, and professional corporations. The type […]

Arizona Articles of Incorporation For Profit or Professional Corporation | Form C010

Arizona Articles of Incorporation For Profit or Professional Corporation | Form C010

The Articles of Incorporation For Profit or Professional Corporation | Form C010┬áis on of the forms an entity must submit to the Arizona Corporations Committee in order to form either of these types of corporations. In order to gain approval from the State of Arizona for conducting business within this state, the entity must first […]

Arizona Articles of Incorporation Nonprofit Corporation | Form C011

Arizona Articles of Incorporation Nonprofit Corporation | Form C011

The Arizona Articles of Incorporation Nonprofit Corporation | Form C011 must be submitted to the Corporate Filings Section of the Arizona Washington Street, Phoenix, Arizona 85007. The filing fee may be paid for by credit card, check, or money order. As a note, cash payments will be accepted if the Articles are submitted in person […]

How to File

Step 1 - You must decide upon the type of corporation being formed. There are several types in two main categories: Profit and Nonprofit. This will determine how your corporation will form and operate.

Step 2 - Name the corporation being formed. As in most states, this must be a unique Name in the State of Arizona and must bear a word of incorporation (such as Corporation, Corp., Incorporated, or Inc.) to indicate the corporate status.

Step 3 - In an effort to increase the chances of having a properly named corporation, it is often recommended to use the Search Tool on the Arizona Corporations Committee website to search for entities bearing the same Name you wish to give the corporation being formed or bearing a Name that is similar enough to cause confusion as to your corporation’s identity. To begin, go to this page:

Step 4 - In the field labeled “Search For,” make sure “Entity” is selected. Then in “Search Type,” make sure that either “Starts With” or “Contains” is selected. Then in the field labeled “Name,” enter the Name you wish to give the corporation. Finally, the last two fields will give you a chance to choose to search through Active or Inactive Entities and Foreign or both domestic or foreign. Once you have entered the information requested, select the button labeled “Search.”

az name search p1

Step 5 - The next page will list the File Number, Corporation Name, and Name Type of each entity matching the search criteria you have entered. Each Corporation Name is a selectable link that will lead to a page with more details about that entity. Select any Name to view more information.

az name search p2

Step 6 - The Details page will list your Search Date and Time, the File Number of the entity you chose, the Corporation Name, a button to choose Corporation Status (this will lead to a separate page with an up to date status listing), the Domestic Address of the entity, the entity’s Statutory Agent Information, Incorporation Date, Domicile, Approval Date, the entity’s Lifespan/Duration, the County where the entity is located, Manager/Member Name and Address, and scanned documents available. Keep in mind, only the Arizona Corporation Commission is the only entity that may approve a corporate Name but performing a search until you have a Name that is unique and unlike other corporate Names will increase your approval. You have the option of reserving such a name but this is not mandatory (see instructions below).

az name search p3

Step 7 - After deciding upon the type of corporation that will be formed and the Name of this entity, you will have to make sure the requirements of your entity type are fulfilled such as obtaining a statutory agent or developing the corporate structure of the forming corporation.

Step 8 - Once you are ready to officially form and register the corporation with the Arizona Corporations Commission, you will need to fill out and submit the Arizona Articles of Incorporation and its accompanying paperwork. The Arizona Corporations Commission will accept applications by mail, in person, or online. You may submit paper documents to Arizona Corporation Commission, Corporations Division, 1300 W. Washington St., Phoenix, Arizona 85007 or you may file the articles by going to This will require the payment of a Filing Fee ($40.00 – $175.00). The sum of this fee is determined by the entity type and may be paid for with a credit card, if filing online, may be paid for with check/money order (payable to Arizona Corporation Commission) when mailing the documents in. If you are submitting these documents in person you may pay the Filing Fee with cash, check/money order, or a credit card.


How To Reserve A Name

Step 1 - Download the Arizona Application to Reserve Corporation Name by selecting the “Download Form” above. Then download the Arizona Corporation Commission Cover Sheet by selecting the link labeled “Download Cover Sheet.” You must fill out and submit both of these documents. You may enter information onscreen, with an appropriate PDF program, or you may print it then fill it out.

Step 2 - In the Item 1, enter the Full Corporation Name you wish the forming corporation to be known and operate as in the State of Arizona.

Step 3 - In Item 2, titled “Type of Entity,” there will be a table with each entry containing a check box on the left. You must indicate the type of corporation this Name is being reserved for by checking the appropriate box.

Step 4 - Next, in Item 3, enter the Full Name of the Applicant seeking to reserve the Name reported above on the blank line labeled “Name.” Then, report the Address of the Applicant utilizing the line labeled “Address 1,” “Address 2(optional),” “City,” “State or Province,” “Zip,” and “Country.”

Step 5 - In the section titled “Signature,” the individual submitting this Application must Sign his or her Name, Print his or her Name, and report the Signature Date on the blank line. If the Signature Party is the Applicant then he or she must also check the box below this on the left. If the Applicant is a Business, the Signature Party must check the box on the right, labeled “The Applicant is an entity…”

az name res

Step 6 - This form may be submitted by mail or in person. This must be submitted with a full payment of the $10.00 Filing Fee. If you wish to expedite the processing of this application you must pay an additional $35.00 Expediting Fee. The Arizona Application to Reserve Corporation Name must be submitted with a Cover Sheet and any required paper work (i.e. Letter from Dept of Financial Institutions, Fictitious Name Resolution, Trade Name Declaration, etc.). If paying by check or money order, make the check payable to Arizona Corporation Commission. If filing in person, you may also pay in cash or with a credit card.

Mail or Deliver To:

Arizona Corporation Commission
Corporations Division
1300 W. Washington St.
Phoenix, Arizona 85007