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The Georgia Articles of Incorporation may be submitted by mail or online. If filing by mail, the articles must be submitted in duplicate and must accompany Transmittal Form 227. While Georgia does not necessarily have official form templates, one may submit their articles on 8 1/2" by 11" white paper easily enough. Profit corporations must provide the information required by Official Code of Georgia Annotated § § 14-2-202 while Nonprofit corporations must provide the information required by Official Code of Georgia Annotated §§ 14-3-202. Foreign entities wishing to do business as a corporation in this state must submit the Application For Certificate of Authority along with a Certificate of Existence from the origin state. Filing fees for corporations will range from $100.00 to $225.00. Expediting services are available for a fee. This will be determined by the level of service and will require payments $100.00 to $1,000.00. Note: All corporations forming in this state must take out an ad in the newspaper announcing the intent to incorporate no later than one day after submitting the articles. Articles submitted by mail should be sent to Office of Secretary of State Corporations Division, 2 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive SE, Suite 313 West Tower, Atlanta, GA 30334. In order to file on line you must first obtain a login. This may be done directly at the Georgia Corporate Divisions website here:

Georgia Application For Certificate of Authority For Foreign Corporation | Form 236

Georgia Application For Certificate of Authority For Foreign Corporation | Form 236

The Georgia Application For Certificate of Authority For Foreign Corporation is a required filing by the Georgia Secretary of State. This must be submitted and approved by the Georgia Secretary of State’s Division of Corporations before a foreign corporation may operate as any type of corporate entity in this state. This application will provide the […]

Georgia Articles of Incorporation For Domestic Profit Corporation

Georgia Articles of Incorporation For Domestic Profit Corporation

The Georgia Articles of Incorporation Domestic Profit Corporation is a set of required information (as outlined by Official Code of Georgia Annotated §§14-2-202) which must be submitted to the Georgia Office of the Secretary of State. These articles should be submitted with a payment of the $100.00 Filing Fee. Articles of Incorporation for a Profit […]

How to File

Step 1 - If forming a corporate entity in the State of Georgia, you must decide what type of entity it is. There are several types of corporate entities: For Profit, Non Profit, Foreign For Profit, Foreign Non Profit. Within these categories are sub types such as an S type For Profit Corporation or a Tax Exempt Non Profit Corporation. It is up to the Incorporator to decide which type entity must be formed. The first step will be to decide the corporate entity type that best suits the purpose and operation of the corporation being filed.

Step 2 - Once you have decided which type of corporation must be formed, you must name it. The new corporate entity must contain a unique name and should contain the words Corporation or Incorporated and may not be more than eighty characters long (with suffix). Oftentimes, registering a name ahead of time is advisable. This service will allow you to maintain ownership of a name while you file the proper paperwork. The name ownership will last for 30 days before it expires. You must have submitted and gained approval for the articles of incorporation submitted to the Georgia Secretary of State Corporations Division. The State of Georgia will provide a free service for looking up existing corporate names that may not be used. This service is free and is available here: then selecting the button labeled “Business Search” on the right of the page. GA name search 1 Step 3 -This is the Georgia Secretary of State’s Business Search Page. Here you may search to see if any corporate entities bear the name you wish to name your corporation. The first line will have three radio buttons. This will determine how the search will be conducted depending on the choice you select. If you only wish to put in the first part of the name (which will gain you more results) you may select “Starts With.” If you wish to search by a partial name, you may select “Contains.” Finally if you wish to search for the exact name you are entering then select “Exact Match.” It would be considered wise to do a partial search thereby seeing any similar names to the one you choose. That is, the corporate name you choose may not mislead the public in any way, including believing it is associated with another entity.

Step 4 - Next you will have several criteria to search for, you may search by Business Name, Control Number, Registered Agent Name, or Officer Name. You may search by any of these criteria however for our purposes enter either the full name you wish to give the corporate entity you are forming or a partial name (make sure the radio button is properly selected. GA name search 2 Step 5 - The next screen will yield a table with several column headings: Business Name, Control Number, Business Type, Principal Office Address, Registered Agent Name, and Status. Each Business Name is selectable and will open a Name Reservation status page. If any matching results occur you may click on them to find more information. GA name search 4 Step 6 - The Name Reservation page will produce the Business Name, Effective and Expiration Date, the Name and Addressed of who this is Reserved For, and the Name/Address/Email of the Filler Information.GA name search 6 Step 7 - Once you have found a unique name that is compliant with Georgia requirements, you have the option of reserving this name for the entity you are forming for thirty days while you organize your articles of incorporation. You may submit the name reservation online or by mail. To submit this reservation online you must have a login to the Georgia Division of Corporations web services. You may obtain one here: To submit this form by mail you may download the form here: Name Reservation Request. This must be submitted with payment for a $25.00 non refundable fee. That is, if the name is taken, no refunds will be issued.

Step 8 - Once you have downloaded the form you may use a .PDF program to fill it out or print it then type in the answers if desired. On the first line enter your Full Name.

Step 9 - On the second and third line enter your full Street Address. Make sure to include any Apartment or Suite Number if applicable.

Step 10 - On the third line enter your City, State, and Zip Code.

Step 11 - The fourth line will require your E-Mail Address. Make sure this is accurate.

Step 12 - Enter your Phone Number on the fifth line.

Step 13 - There will be four paragraphs outlining the process, read these thoroughly.

Step 14 - On the three blank spaces below the statement beginning with “Please indicate your choice(s) for a name” enter three variations of the name you wish to reserve. The line labeled “1st Preference” is for your top choice for an entity name. The line labeled “2nd Preference” is for your second choice. Finally the line labeled “3rd Preference” will be for your third choice. Make sure to order these correctly, since the first available name will be reserved for you and your entity.

Step 15 - This form must be submitted with full payment for the $25.00 filing fee. Those submitting online may use a major credit card. Those submitting by mail must include a check, money order or cashier’s check for $25.00 made payable to “Georgia Secretary of State.” If the name is not available you will receive a notice within ten days indicating as much. There will be instructions on this notice on how to submit changes to the original without paying an additional fee. If the name is available and reserved for you, it shall be reserved for thirty days. If you have not filed the articles by then, you may re-submit this form with payment. ga name reser Step 16 - The State of Georgia will require the appointment of a Registered Agent who has agreed to receive service of process documents generated by a court of law in case this corporation is ever sued. This must be an individual who maintains a physical address in the State of Georgia that may reliably receive such documents.

Step 17 - The next step will be to file the articles of incorporation for your entity. Georgia has no actual forms for this however one, may draw up their own articles then submit them with the proper filing fee for the entity type being formed. This will range in price depending on the entity being formed from $100.00 to $225.00.

Step 18 – The State of Georgia requires that a Notice of the Intent to Incorporate must be published in a newspaper, who has at least 60% reader subscription , for two weeks. The payment for this is usually $40.00 and payment should be forwarded to the publishing newspaper within twenty four hours of filing the articles. You may find a list of approved news organs here: The clerk superior court will be able to provide advice as to the proper venue for this required public notice.