Kentucky Articles of Incorporation Templates | KY Secretary of State

The Kentucky Articles of Incorporation are composed of a set of forms Incorporators may choose from to report information required by the Kentucky Secretary of State when a corporation is formed. These forms will only satisfy the basic requirements and may not have attachments. If additional information is necessary or if there is not enough room, then Incorporators must draft their own articles and send them in. It should be noted in such an instance that all the information required on these forms should be present in addition to the additional information (i.e. provisions, licenses, etc.). Regardless of the type of articles being sent, all material must be submitted simultaneously and payment for the Filing Fee (and all other applicable charges) must be present. Filing Fees for assessed for the submitting of these articles will range from $8.00 to $90.00 and must be paid to the Kentucky Secretary of State.

Kentucky Articles of Incorporation Non-Profit Corporation | Form NAI

Kentucky Articles of Incorporation Non-Profit Corporation | Form NAI

The Kentucky Articles of Incorporation Non-profit Corporation | Form NAI should be filed with the Kentucky Secretary of State Division of Business Services. This form will only provide the basic framework for the articles. If there is not enough room, additional provisions are to be included, or other documentation attached then you should draft and […]

Kentucky Articles of Incorporation Professional Services Corporation | Form KPS

Kentucky Articles of Incorporation Professional Services Corporation | Form KPS

The Kentucky Articles of Incorporation Professional Services Corporation must be submitted to the Kentucky Secretary of State prior to operating as a professional corporation. This is the governing entity for the State of Kentucky that must approve new corporations being formed. A professional corporation may only be considered one if it is a personal service […]

Kentucky Articles of Incorporation Profit Corporation | Form PAI

Kentucky Articles of Incorporation Profit Corporation | Form PAI

The Kentucky Articles of Incorporation Profit Corporation | Form PAI is a required submission when an entity wishes to incorporate in the State of Kentucky as a profit corporation. This form will cover the basic requirements set forth by the Kentucky Secretary of State, and is in compliance with KRS 14A and KRS 271B. Several┬ápieces […]

How to File

Step 1 - Settle upon the entity type and structure you wish for the corporation that is being formed. This should be a logical decision based on a number of factors ranging from purpose to location. Incorporators are generally encouraged to seek counsel with an attorney and/or accountant before forming a business.

Step 2 - The State of Kentucky requires that any corporate entity operating within its borders must bear a unique name with a specific wording included. For instance, the name must contain one of the following words or abbreviation: Corporation, Incorporated, Company, Limited, Corp., Inc., Co., or Ltd. None of these words may follow certain words such as “and.”

Step 3 - Now that you have thought of a Name for your corporation, you should take a moment to confirm it is a unique Name. That is, a Name no other business entity owns or operates under. The Kentucky Secretary of State provides a Business Search Tool. While only the Secretary of State may confirm a Name is unique and useable, this is a good precaution to avoid any unnecessary and time consuming issues. To use the Kentucky Business Search Tool, go to this page:

Step 4 - Enter the Name you wish to use in the text box under the words “Enter Name” then select the link labeled “Continue.” This will search the Business Name Database and direct the browser to a page with the results of your search.

ky name search 1

Step 5 - If there are no results, try searching with a partial name. It is important the Name chosen does not lead the public to believe your corporation is associated with a pre-existing one. If there are any matching results, the will be displayed in a table displaying each one's Full Name, Organization Number, Status, and Type. Each Name is a link that will guide the browser to a Details page. Note: Even if a corporation bearing that Name is inactive, this does not necessarily mean you can use the Name. Select the link associated with the Name to view more information.

ky name search 2

Step 6 - The Details page will deliver a wealth of information regarding the chosen entity. There will be several headings (General Information, Current Officers, Individuals/Entities) listed. There will also be images available for viewing of the documents the entity submitted, including that entity's articles, Assumed Names, Activity History, and Microfilm images. If the Name you have chosen is available you have the option to reserve it. If you wish to do so proceed to Step 7. If not, proceed to Step 14.

ky name search 3

Step 7 - Download the Reservation or Renewal of Reserved Name (Domestic or Foreign Entity) here: Form RES. You may print this form then fill it out with a typewriter or by hand or, if you have a PDF application, you may edit it on screen then print it.

Step 8 - In Item 1, check the box labeled “Reservation.”

Step 9 - In Item 2 write in the Exact Name of the Corporation you are forming on the blank line provided.

Step 10 - In Item 3, you must define the entity type this name is being reserved for. You may choose one of the following by placing a check mark in the appropriate box: Corporate Name, Limited Liability Company Name, Limited Partnership Name, Limited Liability Partnership Name, Business Trust Name. For the purposes of forming a corporation select the first box “Corporate Name.”

Step 11 - In Item 4, enter the Mailing Address of the individual or entity reserving this name on the blank line. There will be a space for the Street Address/PO Box, City, State, and Zip Code.

Step 12 - In Item 5, a blank space is provided at the end of the paragraph in case you wish the Name Reservation to occur at some date after filing this form. If so, enter this Date on the blank space labeled “Delayed effective date and/or time.” If you wish the Name Reservation to take effect upon filing leave this blank. On the last line, Sign your Name on the space labeled “Signature of Applicant,” Print your name on the space labeled “Printed Name,” enter your Title on the space labeled “Title,” and enter the Date of your signature on the space labeled “Date.”

Step 13 - You may mail this to: Alison Lundergan Grimes, Office of the Secretary of State, PO Box 718, Frankfort, KY 40602-0718 or deliver to Office of the Secretary of State, Room 154 Capitol Building, 700 Capital Avenue, Frankfort, KY 40601 (8:00 A.M. – 4:30 P.M.). You must submit a payment of $15.00 via check or money order made payable to “Kentucky State Treasurer” when filing these. The organizational tax is $.01/share up to 20,000 shares, $0.005/share for next 180,000 shares, $0.002/share on remaining shares. a minimum tax fee ($10.00) exists for corporations of 1,000 shares or less.

ky name res p1


Step 14 - Once you have settled upon a name you may reserve it for your corporation or simply file/register your corporation with the Kentucky Secretary of State. In some cases, you may be able to file them online (i.e. a basic domestic For-Profit Corporation with common stock would have this option but a Foreign For-Profit Corporation with various classes of stock will not). It should be noted you may only file online if you have a Kentucky One Stop Portal account that is active (if you set one up for another service such as Motor Carriers, you may use that account). For more information regarding the Kentucky One Stop Portal account go to: You may submit all Kentucky Articles of Incorporation by Mail to

Division of Business Filings, Business Filings,
PO Box 718,
Frankfort, KY 40602.

Filing fees and all required documentation must accompany the submission of these articles. All fees are payable to “Kentucky Secretary of State” by check or money order. The filing fees range from $8.00 to $90.00. As per KRS 136.060 the organization tax based on the number of shares must be paid when filing for a For-profit corporation).