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The New Jersey Articles of Incorporation are a required filing by the New Jersey Department of Treasury. Any corporation wishing to conduct business in the State of New Jersey, whether a domestic or foreign entity, must submit the New Jersey Division of Revenue’s Public Records Filing For New Business Entity. This may be submitted by mail to New Jersey Department of the Treasury, Division of Revenue & Enterprise Services/Corporate Filing Unit PO Box 308 Trenton, NJ 08646-0308, by Fax to 609.984.6851, or online at A full payment of the Filing Fee ($75.00 to $125.00) must be made either with a check payable to "Treasurer, State of NJ" or you may pay with a credit card.

New Jersey Articles of Incorporation

New Jersey Articles of Incorporation

The New Jersey Articles of Incorporation are presented in the form of the “New Jersey Division of Revenue’s Public Records Filing For New Business Entity.” This is considered a required document when any entity chooses to conduct its corporate business in the State of New Jersey. That is, if you are forming a corporation in […]

How to File

Step 1 - You will need to determine the business entity type of your corporation. The most popular entity types, Domestic For-Profit Corporations, Domestic Professional Corporation, Domestic Non-Profit, Foreign For-Profit Corporation, Foreign Professional Corporation, Foreign Non-Profit Corporation, and Foreign DBA (“Doing Business As”) corporation. This is a vital step as it will determine what you must submit when you register your business and how your business will operate.

Step 2 - Next you will need to Name your corporation. This must be a unique Name in the State of New Jersey and should include a corporate designator. In fact, if you do not include a corporate designator, one will be assigned to you or your Articles of Incorporation may be denied. Once you do think of a Name for your entity type, you should consider the New Jersey Business Record Service search tool to determine the likelihood the Name you chose is available and not currently in use by another entity. To begin, open this link:

nj name ser p1


Step 3 - In the section labeled as “Obtain Business Entity Information,” select the link labeled as “Business Entity Status Reports.”

Step 4 - This next page will have several tabs at the top, make sure the tab “Search” is selected. You may read the introductory statement should you wish more information. Otherwise, select the radio button (in the “Search Type” section) labeled “Business Name.” This will open a text box labeled “Business Name.” Here, enter either a partial version of the Name you have chosen or the Full Name. The goal will be to make sure no other business has the same Name or one that is so similar that yours may be construed as misleading. (i.e. if there is a business named “Simon's Bait and Tackle” then naming yours “Simon's Bait and Tackle Outlet” may be considered misleading).

nj name ser p3

Step 5 - The results will be reported in a table. Each row will report the Business Name, Entity ID, City, Type, and Original Filing Date. Each column will either sort the results in either ascending or descending order of that column. Once you have settled on a Name for your entity that is unique, you may either reserve it for 120 days while you organize your documents (see instructions below). This is not a requirement in order to file with the New Jersey Department of taxation but for some it is a good option.

nj name ser p4

Step 6 - Depending upon the type of entity being formed, you may need to confer with additional governing bodies. This may be the result of needing to submit additional paperwork with your articles, again, depending on your entity type. One requirement that must be satisfied regardless of the circumstances is obtaining a Registered Agent. Every corporate entity must maintain a Registered Agent in order to be allowed to operate as a corporation in this state. The Registered Agent is an entity that must have a Physical Address in the State of New Jersey and will receive court issued documents (such as service of process) in the event the corporation is to be called into court.

Step 7 - Next you will need to file your Articles of Incorporation or Articles of Formation with the New Jersey Department of Taxation. The State of New Jersey is moving away from paper filings so this may be done online through the State of New Jersey Business Portal ( however may still be filed by paper if you prefer then mailed to New Jersey Department of Treasury, Division of Revenue & Enterprise, Services/Corporate Filing Unit, P.O. Box 308, Trenton, NJ 08646-0308

How To Reserve a Name

Download Form

Step 1 - From the “Download Form” link above download the “New Jersey Division of Revenue & Enterprise Services Application for Reservation of Name.” You may fill out this form either with a PDF program then printing it or you may fill it out with a typewriter.

Step 2 - In Item 1, you will have to indicate what type of corporation this name is being reserved for. If this is for a For-Profit Corporation then check the first box. If this is for a Non-Profit Corporation then check the second box. You may only check one box.

Step 3 - In Item 2, you will have the opportunity to provide the Name you wish to reserve for the entity being formed. You may report up to three Names. That is, on the first two lines, enter the Name you wish to reserve. Then on the line labeled “2)” you may enter an alternate name to reserve should your first choice be unavailable. If both of these Names are unavailable, you may write in a third choice on the line labeled “3)”

Step 4 - On the blank line labeled “Applicant's Street Address,” enter the Building Number, Street, and Suite Number of the Applicant's Address. Then on the second, third, and fourth blank line enter the City, State, and Zip Code (respectively) of the Applicant's Address.

Step 5 - On the blank line labeled “Applicant's Name,” Print the Full Name of the Applicant wishing to reserve this Name.

Step 6 - Next to the words “Applicant's Title,” report any Title this Applicant holds.

Step 7 - At the bottom of this form, on the blank line labeled “Applicant's Signature,” the Applicant must Sign his/her Name then enter the Date this document was signed on the blank space provided.

nj name resStep 8 - You may mail this application to: NJ Division of Revenue, PO Box 308, Trenton, NJ 08646. This must be accompanied made out to “Treasurer, State of New Jersey.” For both profit and nonprofit corporations the check should be in the amount of $50.00 to cover the Filing Fee. You may also fax this application to: 609.984.6851