Alaska Certificate of Authority Foreign Business Corporation | Form 08-414

The Alaska Certificate of Authority Foreign Business Corporation must be submitted to the State of Alaska’s Corporation Section with several other documents before opening a for-profit corporation within this state.

In order to operate a business in Alaska one must obtain a unique name, a license to do so, and submit an application for a Certificate of Authority Foreign Business Corporation. The process of obtaining a business license for the entity’s business type may be found on the Corporate Division’s website here:

The original application, a copy of this application, the processing fee of $350.00, and the appropriate paperwork for your business will all need to be submitted to the State of Alaska’s Corporate Section. This application may be filed online or by mail. It is noted the online process is faster by and large simply because it is received ahead of others but one should still expect a wait. There will be a few options available to pay. Regardless of whether you are filing a paper application or an online one, you may pay by check, money order, or credit card. If you are filing a paper application (by fax or mail)  but wish to pay by credit card, you will need a specific form depending on where the entity is located. That is, if you are filing from the Anchorage area or the Juneau area. You may find both options here: If paying by check, make the check payable to “Division of Corporations, Business and Professional Licensing.”

How to File

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Step 1 – In Item 1, enter the legal name of the corporation. This name must be in compliance with Alaska Statutes 10.06.730. If the foreign entity is active and in good standing mark the box directly below this item.

Step 2 – In Item 2, if the name you operate under in your state is not available in Alaska then, you must use a different name. Enter the name you have reserved or registered to your corporation in Alaska in the space provided.

Step 3 – In Item 3, report the original state your articles of formation were first attained in and the date of incorporation as reported on those documents. Next, enter either the last date your corporation shall exist or mark the box labeled “Perpetual.”

Step 4 – Write an accurate description of the purpose of your corporation in Item 4. This must be compliant with Alaska Statutes 10.06.870 In the space next to this, enter your NAICS code.

Step 5 – As a foreign corporation you must have a registered agent who maintains a physical address and mailing address in the State of Alaska. This is the individual who may receive legal notices on your corporations behalf. In Item 5, enter the name, physical address, and mailing address of this agent.

Step 6 – Your principal office must also be documented. Do this in item 6 by listing the name, physical address, and mailing address of your principal office.

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Step 7 – If there is an alien affiliate involved enter this entity’s name and address in Item 7. If there is more then one, attach document this individual in the same fashion and attach the document. If there is none enter the word “none” next to the work name.

Step 8 – You must divulge the aggregate number of shares your corporation my issue in Item 8. Notice there will be a table where you may enter the number of authorized shares, indicate if these shares are common or preferreed, enter the series, and report the par value. As per Alaska Statutes 10.06.730, your aggregate number of shares must be reported in this manner. If shares have been issued this same information must be reported on the issued shares. Do this in Item 9.

Step 9 – If any entity owns five percent or more of the total number of issued shares (listed in step 8) then document each one’s name, mailing address, and exact precentage of shares held in the table provided in Item 10.

Step 10 – Item 11 will provide a table for the name and mailing address of each officer of the corporation you are submitting this article for. There will be a line for the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and two Directors. There may be more individuals occupying one or more of these postion types. If so, continue this list on a separate document and attach it to this application.

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Step 11 – The President or Vice President of this corporation must sign and print his or her name then date the signature on the first line in Item 12. On the second line the Secretary or Assistant Secretary must do the same.

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Step 12 – A mandatory Contact Information Sheet must be submitted with the Alaska Certificate of Authority Foreign Business Corporation application. This provides the reviewers to contact you for additional information or paperwork.

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Step 13 – This application must be submitted in duplicate, with any and all associated paperwork, and a payment for $350.00 (payable to:  Division of Corporations, Business and Professional Licensing) to State of Alaska Corporations Section, P.O. Box 110806, Juneau, AK 9981-0806 Fax: 907.465.2974. If paying by credit card, you must select the appropriate form and follow the directions for payment. The form appropriate for your area may be found here:

How to File Online

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Step 1 – In the field “Entity Name,” report the corporate name that you have registered or reserved for your entity to operate under in the State of Alaska.

Step 2 – Use the drop down menu in the “Home State” section to indicate which state your corporation originally formed in. Then enter the date you incorporated in this state. If the corporation is in good standing and active in the origin state then place a check mark in the box below the date field.

Step 3 – Indicate the date your corporation will cease to be active in the state of formation in the “Duration” section. If this corporation will continue to function without an end date, click the box labeled “Is Perpetual.”

Step 4 – Write out your corporation’s purpose in the “Purpose” section.

Step 5 – Use the drop down menu in the “NAICS Code” section to indicate your North American Industry Code System” code.

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Step 6 – In the “Registered Agent” section, select the type of entity your registered agent is (individual or corporation) then enter the first name, last name, suffix, mailing address and physical address of this party.

Step 7 – In the “Entity Addresses,” report the mailing address and physical address of your principal office.

Step 8 – In the “Shares” section, use the drop down to indicate if share type. Then, enter the series, amount authorized, par value, and amount issued. You must report the total number of shares your company is authorized.

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Step 9 – In “Officials,” use the “Add” button to enter the names of the officials of this corporation (i.e. President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Director, Shareholder, and Alien Affiliate. For each enter the identity, mailing address, the type of entity, and the percent owned.



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Step 10 – In “Name of Person Completing this Online Application” click the ceritification box then the name and contact phone number then select the button labeled “Proceed.”

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