Alaska Statement of Domestication A Foreign (non-Alaskan) Professional Corp. Domesticating to a Domestic (Alaskan) Professional Corp. | Form 08-0593

An Alaska Statement of Domestication A Foreign (non-Alaskan) Professional Corp. Domesticating to a Domestic (Alaskan) Professional Corp. | Form 08-0593 will allow a foreign professional corporation to domesticate to an Alaskan professional corporation. A foreign professional corporation may not function within the State of Alaska unless it has submitted this domestication statement along with the accompanying articles of incorporation. However some criteria must be met for such a successful transition to take place. For instance this statement may only be filed if all biennial reports have been filed, the corporation is in good standing and is a qualified entity, if all the officials listed are up to date, if the registered agent is also up to date.

A qualified entity will be one who operates in one of the following fields or as one of these professions: acupuncture, architecture, engineer, land surveyor, audiologist, chiropractor, dental, dispensing optician, geologist, legal services, marital family therapy, medical, naturopath, nursing, optometry, pharmacy, physical/occupational therapy, physicians assistant, professional counselor, psychology, public accountant, social work, veterinary.

Other requirements will also apply. For instance, in order to operate any type of business in Alaska, an entity must first obtain a business license. Many professions may also need a professional license so it is important that one is abreast of one’s requirements placed by the Corporate Section of the Alaskan State Government and other interested entities such as the I.R.S. If one has any questions regarding the domestication process, it is generally recommended to seek legal advice prior to attempting to do so.

How To File

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Step 1 – In box labeled “$275.00…” place a check mark. This will be on page 1 of the Statement of Domestication.

Step 2 – In Item 1, enter the name of the professional corporation that will be domesticated into an Alaskan entity. Then on the next line of this item, document the state the professional corporation is moving from.

ak for prof corp p1

Step 3 – In Item 2, report the name of the professional corporation that shall be formed in the State of Alaska. This MUST be the same entity name that will be reported in Article 1 of the accompanying Articles of Incorporation.

Step 4 – Item 3 will allow but not require the future date of domestication be entered. This date may be different from the filing date of the accompanying Articles of Incorporation but must be within 90 days of the filing date.

Step 5 – In Item 5, indicate if you are submitting the Articles of Incorporation attached to this Domestication Statement or if a separate one will be submitted. Note: If submitting a separate one, do not fill out the one attached. Assuming you are submitting the Articles of Incorporation included in this statement, mark the first box.

Step 6 – Item 6 will require the signature of an officer of the corporation (if this entity is a corporation), a person authorized by the entity (if not a corporation), or a court appointed fiduciary. The signature, printed name, title and represented entity, and date must be present in this item.  You may now proceed to the Articles of Incorporation specifically for A Domestic (Alaskan) Professional Corporation with Statement of Domestication may now be filled out. Proceed to step 7.

ak for prof corp p2

Step 7 – In Article 1, enter the name of the corporate entity being formed in the State of Alaska as it shall be known in this state. (Note: This MUST be the same entity name listed in Item 2 of the Domestication Statement).

Step 8 – In Article 2, enter the professional activity this entity shall be practicing in the State of Alaska. Then enter the NAICS Code of this entity.

Step 9 –  In Article 3, enter the address of this corporation’s address in the State of Alaska. You must enter both the physical address and mailing address if they differ.

Step 10 – In Article 4, report the identity of the registered agent the domesticated entity has named as the official receiver of all legal notices. You must also supply the physical and mailing address of this agent in the spaces provided.

Step 11 – In Article 5, report any alien affiliates that are associated with this corporation (if there are none, indicate this by writing the word ‘None’). Make sure to report the physical and mailing address.

ak for prof corp p3

Step 12 – In Article 6, report the name, Alaska Professional License Number, and mailing address of the original shareholders, officers, and directors of this corporation. This must be a complete list and you must indicate the role of each party reported by checking the appropriate box.

ak for prof corp p4

Step 13 – In Article 7, report the number of authorized shares in existence in the table provided. Make sure to indicate the class, series, and par value for each number reported. This concludes the Articles of Incorporation section that must accompany the Statement of Domestication. Next it will be time to fill in the Contact Information Sheet. Proceed to Step 14.

ak for prof corp p5

Step 14 – In the first line, enter the entity name as it appears in the Articles of Incorporation, Article 1. Then enter the Alaska Entity Number.

Step 15 – If there are any questions, issues, or problems the Alaska Corporate Section needs clarification upon, enter the contact company name, attention name, mailing address, phone number, and email of the entity who the Corporate Section may contact to rectify all such issues. Do this in the area titled “Questions/Problems.”

Step 16 – If the contact person who is listed to rectify problems may receive any returned documents, then place a check mark in the box under the heading “Filed Documents.” If not, then proceed to report the company name, attention name, and mailing address where documents may be returned.

ak for prof corp p6


Step 17 – In order to submit this documentation property you must mail the Statement of Domestication, Articles of Incorporation, Contact Information Sheet, and a payment of $275.00 to

State of Alaska
Corporations Section
PO Box 110806
Juneau, AK 99811-0806
Fax to 907.465.2974

All check or money orders must be made payable to: Division of Corporations, Business and Professional Licensing. If paying by credit card, you must follow the directions and download the proper form for your entity’s area of operation. Find this information at