Alaska Articles of Incorporation Domestic Professional Corporation | Form 08-424

The Articles of Incorporation Domestic Professional Corporation Form 08-424 must be filed with, and approved by, the Alaska Corporation Section before an entity may conduct business as a professional corporation. Only those practicing certain types of professions may be considered eligible to incorporate as a professional corporation: Acupuncture, Architect, Engineer, Land Surveyor, Audiologist, Chiropractor, Dental, Dispensing Optician, Geologist, Legal services, Marital Family Therapy, Medical, Naturopath, Nursing, Optometry, Pharmacy, Physical/Occupational Therapy, Physicians Assistant, Professional Counselor, Psychology, Public Accountant, Social Work, and Veterinary. These are the only professions that may incorporate as a professional corporation, if the entity being incorporated does not fall into these categories then you may wish to seek legal advice as to the appropriate entity type.

If your profession does fall within these categories, you may proceed to input your information in Form 08-424. This form should be completed fully. This means that if there is not enough room to fully report the information an article requests, one should continue to report the answers on a separate sheet of paper and attach it. Each such continuation should be clearly labeled on the document. If this is necessary for more than one article each should have a separate sheet. Once all the information has been supplied, this must be submitted in duplicate to the Alaska Corporation Section along with a filing fee of $250.00 made payable to “Division of Corporations, Business, and Professional Licensing.”  or one may download the appropriate credit card form payment Afterward, you must file your initial report for this entity with the Corporations section. This may be done online at Https://

How To File

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Step 1 – In Article 1, enter the name of the professional corporation this application shall concern itself with. Remember, since this is a professional corporation the entity name must contain the last name of at least one of the shareholders.

Step 2 – In Article 2, you must divulge the purpose your corporation is being founded. Next to this, enter the North American Industry Coding System code for your corporation or your NAICS.

Step 3 – In Article 3,  enter the address where the professional corporation shall maintain its office and operate. If the physical address is different from the mailing address, then both must be reported.

Step 4 – In Article 4, report the name of your registered agent. This is the entity named by the corporation these articles concern themselves with that shall be able to receive any legal notices on behalf of the professional corporation. The registered agent must maintain a physical and mailing address in the state of Alaska, in order to be compliant with Alaska state law.

Step 5 –  In Article 5, enter the name and mailing address of each alien affiliate. This will be a non-citizen who is controlled by or in control of the entity being formed.

ak dom pro corp p1

Step 6 – In Article 6, enter the full names and addresses of the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer at the time this entity is being formed. This should be a complete list of shareholders, directors, and officers. The professional license number issued by the Alaska Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development must be listed. If the professional license was issued by the Alaska Bar Association, a copy of the original license must be attached.

Step 7 – In Article 7, enter the number of authorized shares in the tables provided. Make sure to indicate if the number entered are common or preferred shares, the series, and the par value.

Step 8 – Make sure all additional and required information has been attached to these Articles. Once this is done and the information has been verified as true, each Incorporator must sigh and print his or her name, provide his/her professional license, and provide a date for his/her signature. Any optional provisions as listed in AS 10.06.208 should also be attached and named.

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Step 9 – These Articles should be mailed in duplicate to the State of Alaska Corporations Section, P.O. Box 110806 Juneau, AK 99811-0806. A check or money order may be used to pay the mandatory state filing fee of $250.00 (this should be made payable to: Division of Corporations, Business, and Professional Licensing.) One may use a credit card to pay the filing fee but will need to download the appropriate form (depending upon his/her area). You may find more information regarding the credit payment procedures as well as the correct form here:

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Step 10 – Once the Articles have been submitted with payment, go to the Alaska Corporate Sections website ( to file your entity’s initial report