Alabama Domestic Profit Articles of Incorporation Template

The Alabama domestic articles of incorporation, also known as the ‘Business Corporation Certificate of Formation Form’ must be used to form a Business or For Profit Corporation. It must be either typed or produced with a laser printer. It must be sent to the county Judge of Probate’s Office that the corporation will reside in. The county may require its own fees so it is important that the applicant contact them (via telephone). The total fee for filing the is $128 ($28 for the Name Reservation and $100 for the Articles).

Before an applicant may file this document, they must first obtain a Name Reservation Certificate that can be completed online for a fee of $28.

How to File

Step 1 – Begin on the first (1st) page by filling-in the following:

  • The name of the corporation;
  • Be sure to attach the Name Reservation Certificate. If you have not applied for one you may do so at This WebPage and when complete you will have to wait up to a few days for it to process. The fee for this is $28;
  • Enter the name and address of the individual who prepared the form.


Step 2 – On Page 2, enter the following;

  • Principal office address;
  • Mailing address of principal office (if different from the principal);
  • Name of the Registered Agent;
  • Street address of the Registered Agent;
  • Mailing address of Registered Agent (if different from street address);
  • Purpose for which the corporation is being formed;
  • The number (#) of shares and their PAR value;
  • Name(s) of Incorporators and their street address(es);
  • Director’s name and mailing address.



Step 3 – On Page 3 enter:

  • (cont’d) Director’s name and mailing addresses
  • Check the box if there are any attachments;
  • The incorporator must sign.



Step 4 – On page 4 enter the payment details:

  • Name of corporation;
  • If the incorporator is paying by credit card enter the card type, service requested (if they should want the filing expedited;
  • card number, holder’s name, billing address, and signature.



Step 5 – Make two (2) copies after completing and send to the Probate County Judge’s Office in the jurisdiction of the Principal office address of the corporation. Some of the counties charge an extra fee so it is important that the applicant call and make sure there are no additional fees.

At this time to filing is complete.