Florida Application by Foreign Corporation for Authorization to Transact Business in Florida

The Florida Application by Foreign Corporation for Authorization to Transact Business in Florida must be submitted in duplicate to, then approved by the Florida Division of Corporations. All supporting documentation and full payment of fees must accompany the articles along with a Certificate of Good Standing from the origin state of the entity wishing to operate as a corporation in Florida. It is important to note the Certificate of Good Standing must be dated within ninety days of the submission date of these articles.

You may mail in the articles to Registration Section, Division of Corporation, P.O. Box 6327, Tallahassee, FL 32314. There will be a flat fee of $70.00 for filing the application. If you wish to receive a certified copy or Certificate of Status returned with the articles then you must submit a payment of $78.75. If you wish both a Certified Copy and Certificate Status mailed back with the articles, then you must submit a payment of $87.50. This may be paid by check which is made payable to “Florida Secretary of State.”

How To File

Download Form

Step 1 – Go to the Florida Department of State’s Division of Corporations Forms download page, http://sunbiz.org/downloads.html. Select the link labeled “Foreign Corporation (Profit and NonProfit),” under the heading “Corporation Forms.” FL dom Forms 1

Step 2 – This is the “Foreign Corporation Forms (Profit and NonProfit).” Locate Item 2, “Profit Qualification,” and double click it. This will allow you to open or download the Florida Application by Foreign Corporation for Authorization to Transact Business in Florida.

fl art of inc for forms

Step 3 – The first page is the Cover Letter which must accompany this form. On the first line, enter the Full Name of the corporate entity being formed in the blank space next to the word “Subject.”

Step 4 – On the first line in the body of the letter, enter the Contact Name for these articles on the blank space labeled “Na                                                                      me of Person.”

Step 5 – On the blank line, labeled “Firm/Company,” enter the name of the business where this individual will be receiving any return documents or correspondence regarding these articles.

Step 6 – On the space, labeled “Address,” write in the Full Street Address where the Contact named above is located. Then on the space labeled “City/State and Zip Code” report the City, State, and Zip Code for the Address reported above.

Step 7 – On the space labeled “E-mail address: (to be used for future annual report notification)” enter the e-mail address where future correspondences regarding the corporation being formed may be received.

Step 8 – Below the line beginning with the words “For further information…,” enter the Name, Area Code, and Daytime Phone Number.

Step 9 – The bottom of the cover letter will seek a definition for which services you are seeking and name the required fee for the services you select. You must select one and full payment of the selected item must accompany these articles. (All payments should be made payable to “Florida Secretary of State.”) You must check one of the boxes. You may choose $70.00 Filing Fee, $78.75 Filing Fee & Certificate of Status, $78.75 Filing Fee & Certified Copy, or $87.50 Filing Fee, Certificate of Status & Certified Copy. This concludes the Cover Sheet. The next page shall mark the beginning of the application.

fl art of inc for prof p1

Step 10 – In Item 1, enter the True Name of the Corporation that shall operate in Florida.  If the True Name is taken, you must enter a unique fictitious corporate name this corporation will be known as and operate as in the State of Florida. Both of these names must contain one of the following: Incorporated, Inc., Corporation, Corp., Company, or Co.

Step 11 – In Item 2, report the state the corporation filing this application first incorporated in and whose laws it is responsible for filing. Beside this is Item 3, if the corporation has an FEI number report it in the space provided.

Step 12 – The next line will contain both Items 4 and 5. In Item 4, enter the original Date of Incorporation of this entity. In Item 5, enter the Date of Duration. If the corporation will remain active indefinitely then leave Item 5 blank.

Step 13 – If this corporation has conducted business in the State of Florida, it may be liable (Florida Statutes 607.1501 & 607.1502). In this case you must report the date any business was first transacted in Item 6. If the corporation has not operated in the State of Florida before yet then leave this line blank.

Step 14 – In Item 7, list the Full Address of the Principle Office. This must be the Street Address where the corporation is physically located. If the corporation has a separate address to receive mail then enter this in the line below it labeled “Current mailing address, if different.”

Step 15 – Item 8 will require the Full Name and Office Address of the Registered Agent for this corporation. The entity must be located in the State of Florida as he/she/it must be able to physically receive service of process documents should the corporation be sued.

Step 16 – Next, the Registered Agent will need to sign his/her name in Item 9. There will be a Signature Line for this at the end of the acknowledgment paragraph.

Step 17 – Item 10 will require that a Certificate of Existence issued by the corporation’s origin state accompany these articles. This should bear a date no later than 90 days prior to the submission of these articles.

fl art of inc for prof p2


Step 18 – In Item 11, list the Full Name and Full Address of the Directors and/or Officers of this corporation.

Step 19 – In Item 12, make sure the Director or Officer authorized to submit this application provide his/her signature  on the Signature Line provided. Below this, in Item 13, the Signature Director or Officer must print his or her name  and Title.

fl art of inc for prof p3

Step 20 – Next, you must take the original Florida Application by Foreign Corporation for Authorization to Transact Business in Florida, one copy of this completed form, the Certificate of Good Standing obtained from the domicile state’s government and dated within ninety days of the filing date, all supporting documents, and Full Payment for the Filing Fee and services requested then mail to:

Registration Section, Division of Corporation
P.O. Box 6327
Tallahassee, FL 32314

The Filing Fee is $70.00 and payable by check or money order made out to “Florida Secretary of State.” If you wish a Certificate of Status returned with the articles then you must add an additional payment of $8.75.  You may also request for a Certified Copy of the articles for an additional $8.75. If you would like a Certified Copy along with a Certificate Status returned to you, then your full payment must be for $78.75.