Ohio Foreign For-Profit Corporation Application for License Form 530A

The Ohio Foreign For-Profit Corporation Application for License represents the minimum amount of paperwork to be submitted to the Ohio Secretary of State when a foreign corporation wishes to transact business. This must be accompanied with any supporting documents that are required for the applying foreign corporation and a Certificate of Existence or Good Standing issued by the domicile state of the foreign corporation. It should be noted the Certificate of Existence or Good Standing must be dated within ninety days of submitting this application.

There are two types of Licenses to do Business as a Foreign Corporation an entity can apply for. The first is a temporary one which will be in effect for six months while the second is a permanent one. It is up to the filing entity wishing to do business as a profit corporation, in this state, to decide the one that fits its needs though, it should be kept in mind that no business will be granted more than two such licenses in a period of three years.

You may apply for this license either by mail or online. If applying by mail, you must pay the Filing Fee and all applicable fees with a check or money order that is paid to the Ohio Secretary of State and in the amount of $99.00. You may choose to expedite the processing time for an additional $100.00 payment. If you wish to pay by credit card, you will need to file online and must create an account to do so. You may do this here: http://www.sos.state.oh.us/SOS/.

How To File

Download Form

Step 1 – Download the Ohio For-Profit Corporation ApplicationĀ  for License from the above “Download Form” link or click on this link: Form 530A. This is a PDF file that may be saved to your computer then edited with a PDF file on screen or printed then filled in with a type writer. This packet will contain three forms across four pages to be filled out then submitted.

Step 2 – The first page is a cover page which will require you fill in some contact information to be used for returning your materials and for correspondence. You will also need to select the level of processing service you would like. In the section under the heading “Please return approval certificate to:” enter the Full Name of the filing entity in “Name” then, in the next box, enter the Full Name of an authorized representative who may deal with the Ohio Secretary of State concerning this matter on the filing entity’s behalf in the box labeled “To the attention of.”

Step 3 – Next, on the “Address” line, report the Street Address where documents may be received.

Step 4 – In the “City” box, “State” box, and “Zip Code” box, enter the City, State, and Zip Code for the Address where documents may be received.

Step 5 – On the next line you may enter the Phone Number and Email in the appropriate spaces. These should be up to date and must be reliably maintained.

Step 7 – The section contains two paragraphs, each with a check box. You may choose both, neither, or just one. If you would like to receive notices place a check mark next to the first paragraph. If you would like to enroll your email in the Filing Notification System, check the second box.

Step 8 – The final section of this page will require a definition for the level of service you wish. You may only choose one. The first bubble indicates you would like Regular Service where the Secretary of State will take 3-7 days days to review. The second level of service is Expedite Service 1 and will cost $100.00 for 2 Day Filing. The third bubble is to order Expedite Service 2 for $200.00 for 1 Day Filing. The fourth bubble is to order Expedite Service 3 for $300.00 for 4 Hour processing (This requires a hand delivery before 1:00 pm). Finally, the last bubble will order a preliminary review for $50.00 and be completed in 1-2 business days. Only fill in one bubble. Note: These fees are in addition to the Filing Fee.

oh foreign forprofit p1

Step 9 – The second page is the Ohio Foreign For-Profit Corporation Application for License. Here in the first section, you must indicate if this application is for a Permanent License or a Temporary License (6 months). If this is for a Permanent License check the first box. If this is a Temporary License check the second box. You may only choose one.

Step 10 – Next to “Name of Corporation,” enter the True Name of the foreign corporation exactly as it appears on the Certificate of Existence or the Certificate of Good Standing.

Step 11 – The second box should only be filled out if the True Name of the Corporation is not available in Ohio or is non-compliant with Ohio Law. If so then you must report the Assumed Name the foreign corporation will operate under in the second box. Note: If operating under an Assumed Name, you must submit a completed Resolution of Foreign Corporation to Qualify Under An Assumed Name form 591 attached to this form.

Step 12 – In the section under “The location of the principal office is,” you must enter the Full Address for the actual location of the foreign corporation’s Principal Office. This must be reported. If the Principal Office receives its mail at a separate Mailing Address, you must report this information as well in the section labeled “Mailing Address.”

Step 13 – Next, in the last two boxes on this page, report the Purpose of the corporation’s business in Ohio.

oh foreign forprofit p2

Step 14 – The top of the next page, Appointment of Agent, is required with this application. Enter the Full Name and Full Address of the Statutory Agent who has agreed to act as such when the court issues service of process to this foreign corporation.

Step 15 – The next box must be answered to satisfy Ohio Revised Code 1703.29 (A). If the purpose of this corporation’s business in Ohio to engage in legal action (either to prosecute or defend), there will a $250.00 fee for this application in addition to the Filing Fee. If this is not the case, then mark the first box. If the corporation is engaging in such action, then mark the second box and make sure to pay this fee as well as the Filing Fee at the time of filing.

Step 16 – In the next area, mark the first box if the corporation engaged in business before the year 2009 (and attach the Certificate of Tax Clearance you received). If not, then mark the second box.

oh foreign forprofit p3

Step 17 – On the top of the fourth page, in the first box, enter the Name of the Authorized Officer submitting this formĀ  on behalf of the foreign corporation. Then in the second box (labeled “Officer Title”), enter the Official Title the Authorized Officer holds with the foreign corporation. Finally, enter the Full Name of the foreign corporation filing this application in the box labeled “Corporation.”

oh foreign forprofit p4

Step 18 – The next part will be the Signature area, and this must be notarized as it is being signed. Do not fill in your Name or sign this document without a Notary Public present to Notarize it.

Step 19 – Review the information being entered and make sure all attachments are properly labeled, all forms, certificates, licenses, etc. are in order, and attach to Ohio Foreign For-Profit Corporation Application for License | Form 530A. You must submit all applicable payments in addition to the Filing Fee ($99.00) in the form of a check or money order. This should be made payable to “Ohio Secretary of State.”

Mail To:

Ohio Secretary of State
P.O. Box 670
Columbus, OH 43216


How To File Electronically

Step 1 – Click on this link to get to the Ohio Secretary of State website: http://www.sos.state.oh.us. Then using the “Businesses” button, under “Business Services,” select “File Online with Ohio Business Central.”

oh sos

Step 2 – There will be several options for this page, select the blue tile in the center of the page labeled “Submit A Business Filing in Ohio.”

oh art of inc profit online p1

Step 3 – The next page will require you to log in to your Ohio Business Central Account. Do this using the Email Address you registered with, your password, and the E-Signature your received when you set up your account.

oh art of inc profit online p2

Step 4 – Select the blue button in the center of the page labeled “File a New Business or Register a Name”

Step 5 – Next you will need to use the drop down list following the words “Forms available to file online:” to choose For-Profit (Non-Ohio) $99.00.

Step 6 – The next section requires you re-enter the Service you wish employed when processing your application. Each choice will have a radio button to choose. You may only choose one. The first one will carry no extra charge since it is Regular Service (3-7 business days).

oh foreign forprofit p6

Step 7 – The next step will give you the option of searching for a Name that is wholly unique in the State of Ohio. This is a good precaution to take. Once you have settled upon a unique Name for your corporation, select the button at the bottom of the page labeled “Begin Filing.”

oh foreign forprofit p7

Step 8 – There will be two radio buttons on this page aimed at defining the Purpose of the of the foreign entity. If the foreign corporation is applying for this license to participate in either a prosecution or a defense in a court of law, then an additional $250.00 will be assessed (this is separate fro the Filing Fee). If this is not the case then select the first radio button. If this is the reason why you are filing this application then select the second radio button.

oh foreign forprofit p9

Step 9 – This page will require some vital pieces of information. First, locate the statement “The application is made to procure a.” Use the radio buttons to indicate if the foreign entity is seeking a “Permanent License” or a “Temporary License (valid for six months)” by choosing the appropriate one.

Step 10 – The next item is a text field labeled “Name of Corporation.” Here you must enter the Full Name of the Corporation as listed on the Certificate of Existence. The next field will also deal with the corporation’s name. If the foreign entity’s True Name may not be used in Ohio, then you must report the Assumed Name it shall operate under (otherwise, this field may be left blank). Note: If the foreign corporation must use an Assumed Name the “Ohio Resolution of Foreign Corporation to Qualify Under and Assumed Name | Form 591” will need to be attached.

Step 11 – Next, you will need to use the drop down list next to the words “Under the laws of the Jurisdiction” to select the State where this corporation is held responsible for the laws present. Beside this, you will need to indicate the country of this Jurisdiction using a drop down list.

Step 12 – The field labeled “Date of Incorporation in jurisdiction of formation” will require you enter the exact Date the foreign entity incorporated in its home state.

Step 13 – Use the fields under “Location of Principal Office” enter the Street Address in the “Address” field, then enter the City, State, and Zip Code in the appropriate fields. This should be an address in Ohio.

Step 14 – If this entity shall have a Principal Office in another State/Province/Country, this must be reported as well. If applicable, enter this information in the fields below the statement beginning with “If the Principal Office is located outside of Ohio…”

Step 15 – You must report the purpose of this corporation’s operations in the State of Ohio in the last text box of this page. If this will require more than 500 characters then draw up a document stating this purpose and attach it later in this form. Select the button labeled “Continue” when you are done.

oh foreign forprofit p10

Step 16 – You must now report the Statutory Agent’s Full Name in the field labeled “Agent’s Name.” Then report the Street Address in the “Address” field, the City in the “City” field and the Zip Code in the “Zip Code” field. If the Statutory Agent has an Email, there will be a field for this as well. Once you have done this, select the button labeled “Continue.”

oh foreign forprofit p11

Step 11 – This next page provides a verified oath document for an authorized representative to sign and attach. This must be notarized. Once you have downloaded this PDF, have an authorized representative Sign this in the presence of a notary public then scan it back into your computer and attach it on the next page.

oh foreign forprofit p12

Step 12 – Here you will have a chance to attach any and all forms required for this filing, including the Certificate of Existence issued to the foreign corporation within ninety days of this application date.

oh foreign forprofit p13

Step 13 – Review all the information you have entered here. Each section will contain an “Edit” button for navigation should you need to correct or update anything. When you are ready select the button labeled “Save and Preview.” Note: You will need to allow pop ups.

oh foreign forprofit p14

Step 14 – Now you may view the application that shall be presented to the Ohio Secretary of State. This will be in a pop up PDF window. You may either choose the button labeled “Verify the Document” which will take you to the payment area so you can pay all applicable fees, including the $99.00 Filing Fee or you may choose to “Edit the Document” to return the Review screen. Make sure to have your credit card information handy when you are ready to Verify the document. This concludes your submittal.