Connecticut Certificate of Incorporation Stock Corporation | Form CIS-1-1.0

The Connecticut Certificate of Incorporation Stock Corporation may be filed with the Connecticut Secretary of State by mail or in person. This is a required filing for any business entity wishing to operate and conduct business as a stock corporation in the State of Connecticut. While this does not constitute all the paperwork that must be submitted to all interested and governing entities, it does satisfy the most basic filing for a Certificate of Incorporation. Incorporators are strongly encouraged to seek legal consultation to make sure they are fully abreast of their responsibilities in creating a stock corporation both on the state and federal levels.

When filing these articles, you should make sure you have organized all attachments and required documentation properly, completed the original article to submit, and supply full payment for the state filing fee ($250.00). Make sure all checks are payable to “Office of the Secretary of State.” Filings may be sent to: Commercial Recording Division, Connecticut Secretary of the State, P.O. Box 150470, Hartford, CT 06115-0470 or you may hand deliver the articles to Commercial Recording Division, Connecticut Secretary of State, 30 Trinity Street, Hartford, CT 06106.

How To File

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Step 1 - The individual physically submitting these articles will be considered the “Filing Party.” In this section (Filing Party), enter the full Name, Address, City, State, and Zip Code of the filing party. Note: The Connecticut Secretary of State will send correspondence regarding this filing to the individual listed here.

Step 2 - In Item 1, “Name of Corporation,” report the full name of the corporation being created by these articles. This should be a unique name and must contain one of the following phrases:¬†¬†Corporation, Corp., Incorporated, Inc., ¬†Company, Co., Societa per Azioni, S.p.A., Limited, or Ltd.

Step 3 - In the “Total Number of Authorized Shares,” enter the total number of shares this corporation may dispense to stockholders. If this corporation has different classes of shares, document the classes in the box labeled “Class,” then report the number of shares each class shall contain in the box labeled “Number of Shares per Class.”

Step 4 - In the section “Terms, Limitations, Relative Rights and Preferences of Each Class of Shares and Series Thereof Pursuant to Conn. Gen. Stat. Section 33-665″ section you must divulge specific information about each class of stock, including such facts as how much of each authorized class exists, each series, the par value of each, rights, and limitations. You must be fully compliant with Section 33-665.If there is not enough room to present all the information on these articles prior to issuance then attach a separate document fulfilling the requirements stated in Connecticut General Statutes Section 33-665.

ct cert of inc stock p1

Step 5 - Section 4, “Appointment of Registered Agent,” will seek the identity of the individual or entity who has agreed to reliably receive court documents that must be delivered to the corporation being formed in the event it is sued. The Registered Agent may be either an adult or a business entity other then the one being formed. If this is an individual, report this individual’s name, Business Address, and Residence Address in section 4A. If this is a Business entity, enter the name an the Address of the Business Entity in Section 4B. You must fill out information either in 4A or 4B but not both. In either case, a P.O. Box may not be used for any of these addresses which must all be in the State of Connecticut. The Signature of this Registered Agent must be provided on the blank line under the heading “Acceptance of Appointment.”

Step 6 - If the corporation being created intends to achieve and maintain Benefit Corporation Status, check the Box in Item 5, “Election of Benefit Corporation.” Also, if checking this box and the corporation will have a specific public benefit purpose(s), then you must list the specific purpose(s) in Item 6 (“Other Provisions”) If not, then do not fill in this box.

Step 7 - Item 6, or “Other Provisions,” gives the opportunity to report any additional provisions not directly named on this form but must be present when the articles are filed. This will also give the opportunity to report the specific public benefit(s) this corporation may wish to assume if it seeks the Benefit Corporation Status and has one or more specific public benefits rather then providing general public benefits.

Step 8 - The Connecticut Secretary of State, by default, will respond to this filing by email. In Item 7, report the email address where such correspondence will be received. If no such email address exists then enter the word “None.” (It is highly recommended to have and provide an email address where the Connecticut Secretary of State may send confirmations, notices, and other information).

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Step 9 - In Section 8, “Execution: Certificate Must Be Signed By Each Incorporator,” provide the Calendar Day, Month, an Year, this form is being executed. Below this, each Incorporator must print his/her name, provide his/her address, and sign his or her name under the headings “Name of Incorporators,” “Address,” and “Signature(s),” respectively. Each Incorporator should have his/her own row.

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Step 10 – You must submit the original and completed articles, any necessary attachments, all required documents and the full payment for the $250.00 filing fee to the Connecticut Secretary of State. All checks must be made payable to “Office of the Connecticut Secretary of State. You may submit this package by mail or hand deliver it. Once these articles have been accepted the Connecticut Secretary of State will email a confirmation.

To Mail, Send to:

Commercial Recording Division
Connecticut Secretary of State
P.O. Box 150470
Hartford, CT 06115-0470

To Hand Deliver, Bring to:

Commercial Recording Division
Connecticut Secretary of State
30 Trinity Street
Hartford, CT 06106